Hello Twitter Team,

In the past few days you have seen our #TweepQuiz. Thank you so much for the interaction with our polls and we hope you liked them. But the most interesting part is that we have send these messages to (ex) Twitter employees only. Do you know how we were able to do this?

We are MySocialDatabase.com and we have a database consisting of all Twitter profiles in the world. We have enriched this data based on profile information and following behaviour and therefore we're able to create the most relevant tailored-audiences based on ID-numbers. and off course Twitter employees is a very specific example but this is also possible on a larger scale. We can find for example all Business Decision Makers (within a branche).  

As a Twitter Partner it would be great to show you as a Twitter employee  the possibilities during a nice conversation. We are excited to come in contact with you. Please leave your email address if you would like to learn more or send me an email.



founder & CEO | thomas.s@mysocialdatabase.com | +31 681935639


Thomas Slabbers - Founder MySocialDatabase

Thomas Slabbers - Founder MySocialDatabase


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