Teamakzonobel will dominate the volvo ocean race on social media.

It’s the ultimate test for sailors covering 45,000 nautical miles. Racing ability and seamanship skills of the crew will determine the team’s finishing position. The competition is about to start - on 22 October the teams will leave Alicante in Spain to 12 other host cities all over the world. The Big Finish of the Volvo Ocean Race will be in The Hague on June 30, 2018.

Team AkzoNobel, a leading paints and coatings company, were the first to officially announce. We are excited about that because we will help them in covering their journey over the world’s oceans. The goal of our client? Nothing less than to bring the trophy back to The Netherlands and to share this story with many fans. Our solution? Tailored Twitter campaigns to premium audiences of sailing fans worldwide.

The perfect Twitter storm

Many sailors have a kind of love affair with the Volvo Ocean Race. They love the yachts, the challenges the skippers and teams have to cope with and the competition on remote oceans around the globe. There are onboard reporters with every team and fans will be given unique insights in the race.  

So, how to reach all relevant fans? And how to create a perfect storm for ads for #teamAkzoNobel?

  • First, we have selected all sailing fans in our database - this softcore selection already consists of 14 million people.
  • In addition, we added target groups with interest in ‘do-it-yourself’ and ‘professional do-it-by-someone’ followers.
  • Being also a producer of specialty chemicals AkzoNobel has sustainability and innovation as core values  - therefore, we selected accounts with affinity in the field of climate, environment, technology and innovation.

This perfect storm of data and the story of #teamAkzoNobel in this famous 8 months’ sailing competition is the ultimate combination for hitting high success ratios.

The dream of #teamAkzoNobel

Hopefully skipper Simeon Tienpont and his team will bring the trophy home to The Netherlands. A nation of sailing history and dynasties. The Hague is proud host city of The Big Finish. It’s the residence of the King and the words piece and justice are part of the logo. This fits perfectly well in the dream of the Volvo Ocean Race because it is not only a competitive sailing event. It is also about sustainability and a better world with clean oceans. The in-port-race on June 30 will become a big event in The Hague. We look forward to it!