Reach the exact right audience on Social media

Do you want to reach exact the right audience? Then learn more about our hyper targeted audiences. We can find everything or everyone you want, and we only target them, without waste.


More than 700 million accounts

We as MySocialDatabase are a social media advertising company. We have stored en segmented more than 700 million social media users in our database. We have enriched the basic data with our unique tools. We always say: ''you are who you follow'', and based on this information we can find every audience. 


If it's there we will find it for you!

We can find for example all the Chief Information Officers, developers, gamers or the IoT community based on their bio and following behaviour. And this all without waste. We can do this for everything you want. We always say: ''if it's there, we will find it for you!''


Request a demo!

If you want to see or learn more, please request a demo. In a demo we explain how we enrich the data and make the audiences. We will show you whatever you want.

You can choose between a demo by email or by call. A demo by call is more extended because of the interaction. During the realtime demo you can ask us to look for something while we are talking. A demo by email is more basic and will consist out of a few sheets with the data based on your company or your interest.

We can schedule a call or send you an email
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