Dear Marketer,

The FIFA World Cup is what it is all about this month. 32 teams all over the world are competing to take the trophy home and make their country proud. Thousands of fans are in Russia to watch the live games but millions of soccer fans follow the World Cup from home even more closely. These fans will have the time of their lives, but there is another group of people that need to be satisfied.

The World Cup is only possible because of the sponsors. The marketing team of the sponsors need to make sure that their brand is on top of mind of the soccer fans. A great platform to use is Twitter, because Twitter is what's happening. To reach the right audience, the targeting options on this platform are limited and therefore we would like to help you.

We as MySocialDatabase have mapped the entire soccer community on Twitter, we have already created the most relevant Twitter audiences and these audiences are ready to upload into your account. With our database consisting of all Twitter users we are able to create the most relevant audiences. We have for example created audiences of people who are following more than 10 players from a certain country. In that case you know the audience is spot on.

We are excited to help you to stay on top of mind of the soccer fans. Please leave your email address if you would like to learn more.



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Thomas Slabbers - Founder MySocialDatabase

Thomas Slabbers - Founder MySocialDatabase


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