Entering the #Promote Innovation Challenge

Exciting days! The team of MySocialDatabase (MSD) is preparing its submission for an important global competition: the #Promote Innovation Challenge.

We thought it would be interesting to tell you more about this Twitter Challenge. As it is a road towards innovation for marketers on Twitter. Participants have to show how they contribute to and have impact in the ad workflow. Deadline 6 September. Ouch…no time to lose!

Ahead with smart ad technology
In our submission we will focus on our unique ad technology and present: 
•    The history and effectiveness of our enriched ‘Sudoku’ database of 700 million accounts of social media users worldwide. 
•    Our tactics of the reversed marketing funnel - which means that you first compose your custom audience and then reach it with relevant content. 
•    That this combination generates impact and is a driver for high engagement rates and conversions. 

Actually, we will demonstrate that we offer a perfect storm for marketers as we will go beyond the usual suspects and find the proverbial needles in the haystack. If you want to connect to a niche market, to CEO’s in the industry of shipping vessels, oncologists, pediatricians, trauma nurses, professional athletes or any other listing of influencers we will find them. We’re offering a next level of personalized advertising.

Crossing lines and the Sudoku way
MSD is expert in composing tailored audiences in a database consisting of social media accounts on a worldwide scale. It took us 5 years and exhaustive efforts to build our ‘Sudoku’: we passed thousands of lines and ranked countless combinations of data. But it’s paying off. 

Nowadays we work together with Twitter partners around the globe. And we support businesses by pinpointing tailor-made audiences for brand activation, exploring new markets and finding professions for a specific venue. It’s the daily job of all marketers: how do you reach your prospect? The customer journey has many entrances and many exits. Especially in B2B markets it can be difficult to reach a niche market, a specific industry or a selection of professions. Our enriched database is the key for cost efficient and effective targeting to premium audiences. 

Ready for take-off to San Francisco
We distinguish ourselves from similar players or B2B platforms such as Linkedin by means of our technology. Some examples: for Nutricia we reached all relevant medical professionals and for AkzoNobel we detected the right community of chemical start-ups for their #Imagine Chemistry Challenge. No massive marketing spend nor spamming was involved. Our easy to use dashboard with a campaign generator and reporting tool completed the road for success for these businesses. 
So, thumbs up for our team. Hopefully we will be selected for the finals of the #Promote Innovation Challenge…Almost ready for take-off to San Francisco!”