Finding more needles in the haystack

This time we have a case study on medical professionals for you. Actually it’s a story about a journey. With Albert Einstein as our travel guide it will be a journey of finding more needles towards success.  About how to reach all relevant medical experts in the proverbial haystack.

The usual suspects

If you have a promotional message for medical professions it might become a challenge to get into direct touch with them. You could try one of the usual suspects, such as visiting a tradeshow, subscribing for a conference or attending an annual symposium. But there is a funny thing about attending these events.  You will certainly find some inspiration. Probably you will have some chit-chat with existing relations, have a drink with a prospect and attend a workshop. No doubt you will collect many name cards. But then you return to the office with the best intentions to give a proper follow-up in order to generate leads. But where to start with this ‘ haystack’ of names? 

Making connections

If the usual suspects are costly and time consuming, the journey continues to perhaps an unexpected source and destination: Twitter and its content. MySocialDatabase has ranked all medical businesses and professionals based on their Twitter content and relevancy. Subsequently, it was not only made visible who follows who but also who is followed by whom. Putting all these data and connections together resulted in a relevant audience for a business in medical nutrition. Their campaign to the influencers in the medical branch delivers: both in conversions and in cost monitoring.


According to Richard Branson in one of his famous quotes: “succeeding in business is all bout making connections.”