BBC-feature takes giant leap through Twitter exposure

They are unwanted. But they are all around us. Billions live on our skin. Sometimes they cause huge trouble. Is this the start of a horror story? Hell no, on the contrary.

It’s about happiness for lots of people suffering from skin problems. Such as acne, pustules, eczema and other irritations. And how tailored campaigns to dermatologists made it possible to help them. Due to game changing skincare products, called Gladskin, made by Micreos.

The Twitter campaign to custom audiences lead to a giant leap forward for the company and its products. Both in brand awareness and conversions. But let’s start at the beginning…

Targeted skincare products do exist
In February The BBC discovered the producers of Gladskin. Unlike antibiotics, their unique products ‘target’ only the harmful Staph aureus bacteria and leave healthy skin bacteria intact. The BBC featured an item around this technology in the tv program ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’. This resulted in immediate reactions and orders.

What we like most about this story is that this Dutch company develops the world's first targeted antibacterial products. Targeted products… we run targeted campaigns. This sounds like the perfect hyper combination. And it is.

Reaching over 1 million people after addressing #dermatologists
Twitter ads featuring Gladskin have been operational since 1 month now. The targeted campaign via MySocialDatabase had been addressed to a hardcore community of #dermatologists and related audiences and influencers. The number of new customers went through the roof. New orders reached record highs, five times higher than normal, and the producers had to scale up production levels.

The company is happily overwhelmed by this success. At this moment they are considering campaigns for other new markets. Again, the hardcore community will consist of dermatologists. Through this community the people suffering from skin problems will be reached.

The use of these skin products does not have side effects nor do they lead to resistance. But they do kill the target bacteria. That’s the only gruesome link to a horror story.

We leave it up to you but we think it’s worthwhile watching the entire video.