Audience first is not a ballgame
Insurances are not very sexy. However, everyone needs them. Brandactivation is not an easy game in this market. Recently, marketers of an insurance company were upset when we displayed the characteristics of their core customers. They didn’t expect the outcome at all…

More than 40% of their customers appeared to prefer the same political party. So, imagine the engagement rates if this business addresses a campaign in the timelines of potential customers having this particular political affinity.

And you know what? We can tell any company exactly who their true fans are. That’s not a ballgame and no time consuming market research is needed. In about three hours we deliver data insights and premium audiences.

Hyper-targeting, according to MySocialdatabase (MySD), has three objectives – no spamming, effective spending and tailored campaigns with impact. We call it our impact multiplier.

Dont’ sell snow to an Eskimo

Every marketer and marketing director will tell you this. Nice slogan, good thinking. But how do you get to the right audience in the first place.

In the abovementioned case we collected data of the hardcore customer groups. For instance: 12% appeared to be a journalist, 9% a consultant and 8% a teacher.

We also know which sports the business’ customers are interested in and whom they follow. 71% of the target group is soccer fan. More than 10% loves cycling and 6% watches car racing. These data are guidelines for images and tone of voice in promotional messages.

Data data data… and then approach

An audience first approach is crucial to get more engagements and conversions. If you go this extra mile in advance it will always pay off.

Our formula is very simple: Data x Content = Result. However, it represents smart thinking. MySD has ranked global markets into premium audiences of any customer segment, branch or profession you could possibly think of.

If you are convinced you know your market, you might get surprised when we make visible for you who follows who and who is followed by whom.

We imagine you’re getting the picture of the meaning of data and connections. Let’s get started for better engagements and more sales – in less time!