Selecting the best 1.2 million first-person shooter gamers!

Most people think First-person shooter games (FPS) are about brain deadening violence and destroying others. But these games have also become one of the most popular genres because of the multiplayable components. It’s a hangout where 30 million players play together for hours in a virtual environment. So, one could argue that the gaming genre brings people together. Both in the game and on social media platforms.

Gaming is hot on Twitter. For instance: 1.2 million Call of Duty (CoD) players follow 5 or more accounts regarding gaming. Let’s keep these figures in mind.

Call of Duty Premium Audiences

Producing a First-person shooter game is a tremendous challenge. Developing a game involves huge investments of hundreds of millions. It requires ICT development with extreme rapidity and state of the art graphics. The right time to market in this competitive market is crucial.  And not every game is a guaranteed cash cow.

Call of Duty is big business and has been one of the most popular games in the world for years. Doing business is about making connections with the right target group. Right? In order to sell a new game you need influencers and Twitchers who have a big fanbase of followers who watch them play games live. They are the key to success. How to reach them? The road to a relevant ‘golden’ gaming community took us three steps.

  • First we selected the 150 most important CoD accounts.
  • In the second step we downloaded all followers of these accounts. This resulted in 10 million accounts! A huge audience but this CoD community is not necessarily the road to gold.
  • You need relevance. So, we pinpointed a target group of followers who at least follow 5 accounts of the 150 most followed accounts. The result: 1.2 million hardcore CoD accounts

Reach 1,200,000 hardcore gamers

This Call of Duty community is the golden medal group or the Premium Audience for ads to promote a game.  Some other impressive stats:

  • In 10% of these accounts ‘gaming’ is mentionend in the profiles
  • 60k accounts even have mentionings of CoD in it.
  • The Twitter account that is ranked in the 10th position in our CoD listing has more than 500k followers.
  • The number 1 has more than 3.3 million followers.

It is not bold to say that these accounts have real entertainment power and are a solid base for hyper targeted campaigns in the timeline of gamers.

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