Finding robotic influencers

Software automation is all around us. At work, in our cars and also in our houses. Most of the time we don’t question how pc’s, machines and other technical appliances work. But we still get amazed when we see a robot. So, what about three robots working and assembling together on one product line? That’s exciting news!
This story is about our influencers listing for the robotics industry, which is a specific market. But first we want you to take a look at this video starring a peculiar bartender. Meet Yumi, the dual arm robot of ABB. This leading supplier of industrial robots and robot software recently announced the abovementioned collaborative opportunities of Yumi on product lines.


Reach robotic premium audiences via social media
Doing business is about making connections with the right target group. That might seem a challenge in a specific market. What to do if you want to expand your market worldwide for robotics? 

In regular selections on social media platforms you are confronted with native targeting groups: based on interests, behaviors, look-a-likes and keywords. This will give you a broad selection from 100,000 accounts or more. We offer another solution for efficient targeting.

We downloaded the total community interested in robots. This community also includes companies. Then we applied our 10-factor: we selected people who follow 10 or more of these influencers. By means of combining these data in our enriched Twitter database with 700 million social media users you’ll get your hardcore community. Now we can determine on the premium audiences for your promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NASA vs. Evan Ackerman and Chris Anderson
The usual suspect in the top 20 of robotic influencers is NASA with more than 1.9 million followers. You will also find names such as Robotics Trends (nr. 1 with 19,000 followers), Robothub, Robotnext or Robertdiva in the top 20. But look at the more unusual suspects: Evan Ackerman is in this listing as well. He is ranked on place 8 with 7,200 followers. He is an editor and published more than 6,000 articles on robotic related topics. And what about Chris Anderson with almost 185,000 followers and ranking 15 in our listing? He’s CEO of @3DRobotics, was tech-editor for the Economist and WIRED, wrote books and was 1 of the Top 100 thinkers in Time Magazine. There you are… Remember, to be ranked in a high position in our influencer listing you need to be followed by guys who follow more than 10 of these kind of influencers. Because relevance matters!