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Do you want to improve the results of your Twitter Ad campaigns?

The biggest problem of Twitter Ads is Twitters’ native targeting. Because of Twitters’ limited targeting options your ads are not performing as well as they should. However, with our Hyper Targeting solution, we are able to discover and target any audience.

Examples of audiences we are able to find:

  • Doctors that are into golf

  • Vegan Marketing Managers

  • Employees of Media Agencies and Advertising Agencies

  • Business Decision Makers

Would you like to know how we are able to discover and target these sophisticated audiences? Are you interested in improving your Twitter Ad results, so they outperform your Facebook Ads?

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They are changing the game of advertising on Twitter
— Jerome Brussee - Digital Strategy KPMG

Below we will give you information that is likely to increase your Twitter campaign results , significantly.

In the last 6 years we have developed an audience discovery product that analyses social user profiles and provides advertisers with custom-built audiences for campaign targeting. We find sophisticated audiences based on behaviour that no-one else can find and target them with promoted tweets. Currently we are working with many large agencies that are part of Publicis, WPP and Omnicom.

Are you interested in

  • Making Twitter a better advertising channel than Facebook?

  • Reaching your most important audiences first?

  • Reaching different audiences with different messages?

  • Increased ROI?

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We are an Official Twitter Partner

We are an official Twitter partner and we work for the largest companies in the world like BMW, Heineken and Nike.

  • What makes us different to using the standard Twitter targeting is our ability to target people on how they behave, not just who they are. For example we can find doctors in the UK, football fans in the Netherlands and paediatricians in Germany.

  • We also have the ability to find people that meet  a complex requirement. For example fans of football and tennis in Denmark. None of the current Twitter advertising tools can do this.

  • We can even reach extraverted, business decision makers in Europe.

  • What makes this type of targeting so powerful? The quality of the leads and engagement go up massively which ultimately results in higher spend and awareness levels. Ultimately resulting in much higher campaign success levels.

  • Our engine of 1.4bn enriched social profiles keeps improving itself. Every time we run another algorithm we learn more about someone. We might find a profile that is a soccer fan but running further searches may surface them as an F1 fan too. This data is all stored, making our database more and more valuable every day.

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Our story

In 2014, frustrated with how simplistic the native targeting was on Twitter, our three founders Roland, Thomas and Peter sat down to figure out a better way to utilize spend and find the people they wanted to engage with. Twitter is unique in that you can join the platform anonymously, offering nothing more than an email address. So unless you added your correct date of birth, had location services on and maybe filled out a bio with a few key words, you were invisible and untargetable.

They figured out a way to start downloading Twitter user data and doing their own analysis using Sudoku type algorithms. The logic around audience discovery is based on a simple premise. People follow who and what they are interested in. They analyzed this data and then started filling the gaps, slowly forming a picture of what users do for a living or in spare time and ignoring any information that they actually volunteered via handles or their Bio’s. This has been going on for 5 years now and the data is so enriched and complete that it is even possible to start determining personality types.

Interested in helping your clients to improve their results with Twitter Ads? If you leave your email we’ll send you a case study (we promise not to spam you).