Trust us, we know the entire cryptocurrency community
The cryptocurrency scene is booming! It has become one of the most intriguing markets in a very short time. In this community where millions buy and sell 24/7, buyers and brokers need crypto updates all the time. So they search anxiously on news sites in order to have the latest data on cap rankings and digital rates. That’s practically all there is in this untraceable blockchain world.

Enthusiasts are also massively active on Twitter. They follow hundreds of crypto influencers to stay updated and we happen to know them all.

Selecting the best cryptocurrency audiences

The cryptocurrency market is taking giant leaps almost every minute, rates are going through the roof and down within a day.  

The right time to sell or buy in this competitive market is crucial. In order to make traders aware of your coin, you need to reach out to them.

The road to a golden community took MySocialDatabase (MySD) three steps:

  • First we selected the 150 most important cryptocoin accounts.
  • Then we downloaded all followers of these accounts. This resulted in a few million accounts!
  • In the third step we add relevance by pinpointing a target group of people who follow more than 20 important crypto accounts. The result: a community of 75k hardcore cryptocurrency traders. Furthermore, more than 1 million traders who follow 2 or more crypto influencers were found.

Getting your cryptocurrency in timelines

Based on all these stats MySD can report on and select many interesting data of true traders. 

Some other facts:

  • The top 3 crypto influencers each have far more than 300k followers
  • The top 10 represents 2.2 million followers
  • Selecting the top 50 means you could reach 4.6 million followers

A hyper targeted campaign in the timeline of people interested in cryptocurrencies will connect you to extremely relevant leads. We might even be able to predict, based on the variances in online behaviour, to which currency they tend to move.

We said we know them all. That’s not completely true. Despite all we know about more than 330 million Twitter accounts, we neither can tell who bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Not yet….