Content is King
In chess the king is your most important player. But the king in chess cannot move in many directions. You will need your queen, knights and pawns for moving all over the playing field in order to win the game. Playing chess is not easy in the beginning and neither is the game of social advertising. Where content is your king.

You can’t expect brand activation if you do not spend time in continuous and relevant content creation. What is relevant content? That is not always easy to detect. It might require some unusual moves as it should not be spreading the word by summing up details of your product all the time. However, most businesses keep on just doing that.


We want to share some success factors with you. Based on our experience with tailored campaigns for multiple clients, we know what does and doesn’t work.

Your Chess Playboard  - Premium Audiences
You can’t play without a playboard. The playboard of Mysocialdatabase consists of a considerable number of influencer listings or so-called Premium Audiences. Composed out of big data and combinations of interests, affinity and who follows who and who is followed by whom. This matrix of enriched data is your playboard.

Now it needs relevant content in order to move and start a campaign to the right custom target group.

What does your playing field like to receive & read?

·        News & Facts – interesting & learning

·        Rankings – related to the branch or product

·        Polls & Questions - interaction

·        Special or personalized offerings – once in a while

·        Humour – most powerful content

What do they like to see? Always a visual or a short video. And short is really short. In our statistics and reports it appears that people stop watching after 30 seconds! So, quit thinking in minutes for your video message.

Checkmate – Real Impact
The purpose of the chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s king. That’s what you want with your advertising too – get the competitors’ prospects or clients. To gain your position for checkmate in social advertising and have real impact it comes down to one formula:  data x content = result.

It’s never too late to learn one of the most popular games in the world!