How MySocialDatabase Tailored Twitter Campains™ help Akzo Nobel to realise a worldwide niche start up challenge

(Why) Akzo Nobel…

  1. Wants to make the difference in creating a better world
  2. Where all plastics can be fully recycled
  3. Where chemical sites operate waist water free
  4. Where cellulose alternatives for syntetics really take off
  5. Where bio-based and bio-degraded surfactors (??) and thickeners are the norm
  6. And is constantly looking for sustainable alternatives in chemistry and technology
  7. Hence is working together to make the world a better place for future generations

So Akzo Nobel wanted to become connected with startup companies in chemistry and technology to help realising this vision.

This means to combine worlds in a wordwide and ultra niche scenery.

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(What) Was the challenge for MySocialDatabase

The goal of Akzo Nobel was te reach at least 50 submissions in 8 weeks for its Start-up Challenge.  MySocialDatabase had to find the core target audience to get the subscriptions

(How) The solution from MySocialDatabase…

A deepdive into our enriched database resulted in 21 hardcore communities. With illustrious Twitter names and hashtags such as #ChemHeritage, #AmerChemSociety #Naturechemistry #waterrecycling, #plasticwaste and #biobased.

We call them influencers.

These listings of influencers have many start-ups in their ‘followers’ and ‘follow to’ audiences.

Then the actual target audience can be unlocked in a meticulously precize manner.

After unlocking this target group My Social Database was convinced that AkzoNobel would realise the required submissions, and so they did.

In addition to this, many people liked and retweeted the #imagineChemistry posts, which meaned they liked the message and enjoyed passing it forward.

Results were solely due to bringing the right content to the right audience.

Quality content multipied with enriched target groups creates result and impact.

Thanks to Tailored Twitter Campaigns™ Akzo Nobel received over 60 submissions in 3 weeks (still counting and presently ## submissions) and a considerable number of retweets and likes

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