Do you want to reach out to all golfers worldwide?

Golf is a huge sport. Therefore there are also many players, clubs, tournaments and brands that want to interact with each other. With our database, that's not a problem at all, because of the fact that we have mapped the entire golf community. Do you want to find out how you can use this audience?


Target the client base of your competitors

We're able to target the followers of your competitors one-on-one in stead of creating audiences based on look-a-likes. But we're also able to say that someone has to follow at least three of the accounts below. When we do that you're going to make a real impact.

inf golf.jpg


How can you do this?

We have a database consisting of over 800 million social media users. We have enriched this data and therefore we're able to find any audience in the world. In this way we've also found all relevant golfers in the world, not just golfers but real golfers. Compared to standard targeting we're a lot more relevant. We say: ''if it's there, we will find it for you!''


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