How did we find you?

We reached out to you through a Hyper-Targeted campaign on Social Media. Based on your profile information and following behaviour we mapped you as a Marketing Executive. Quality is getter more and more important now-a-days. We want to help you, as the marketing responsible, with that!


We bring your company to a top-of-mind position 

How? We have a database consisting of over 700 million social media users. We have enriched this data and therefore we can find any audience in the world. The way we reached out to you is a great example. But we're not only focused on hyper-targeted audiences but our focus is also on quality at scale. That means we're able to create big audiences of high quality. We can do this for every audience you want. Compared to standard targeting we're 10 times more relevant. We say: ''if it's there, we will find it for you!''


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