The Waste Chronicles

Part 4 – Time to clean up without puddle jumping

In our previous Chronicles we explored the world of waste in marketing - we mentioned ad metrics, influencers and impact via social platforms. Now, we think it’s time to clean up. Which means that you have to take the next step and get to your hardcore audience. It might feel as puddle jumping, but we assure you that we will prevent you from failing. 

We explained in part 2 of the Waste Chronicles that it took us four years to build our enriched database for Twitter advertising. A gradual and iterative process of combining social data. We call it our Sudoku-Startup. So no puddle jumping at all.

Bojan wants a cleanup… for all oceans
Our fan readers might have noticed that in each Chronicle there was a Dutchman or Dutch business for reference. The linkin-pin? They wanted to change the game. Max Verstappen in racing, Johan Cruijff in football and multinational Akzo Nobel transforms itself into a startup for a better world. In this last Chronicle we think Bojan Slat should be on stage. At the age of only 17 years he founded his company with a tremendous ambition: get rid of all the plastic waste material in the world’s oceans. As always, the way to solve this trash drama is simple and genius at the same time. Bojan discovered that natural gulf streams have certain ‘collection spots’ on our planet. So he thought: “why move through the ocean if the ocean can move through me.” And there his success story of the oceans’ cleanup begins.

Get your real influencers
Although we don’t dare to compare ourselves with the above mentioned gamechangers, Mysocialdatabase certainly has its own and unique way of worldwide Twitter advertising.

Our advertising model is simple and effective: you create your content, we will take care of the right audience and influencers. For getting more brandawareness and a real dialogue with potential clients.

Some proof of concept examples:

-          For Nutricia we found the proverbial needles in the haystack for a trade forum: we reached pediatricians, nutricians and intensive care emergency professionals. In addition, we created a campaign for the non-visitors after the forum took place.

-          Vauxhall Motors was able to address itself to hardcore football fans via personalized Twitter video messages from the most favorite players of some national teams in the UK.

-          A giant business in home appliances, Kärcher, has specific campaigns running for their different products. Both in B2B and B2C channels we can report on successful campaigns: from BBQ’s to motorcycling industries and from agriculture businesses to an audience for a trade fair.  

-          For an insurance company we ensure that their weekly blogs written by captains of industry get the attention of the right audiences.

-          For an accountancy business we take care of a tailored campaign for recruiting purposes to reach financial market students, analytical professionals and cyber and security experts.

-          For Tim Coronel, a fairly unknown racing driver, who took part in the Dakar race, we generated 4.7 million impressions amongst Dakar audiences. At an average cost per engagement of € 0.07

Bojan Slat once said: “Only when you realize change is more important than money, money will come. Obviously, he meant that he eventually received funds for his projects.

But maybe marketers could look to waste in marketing in the same way. If you want to do a cleanup in your marketing mix just start small-scale and get actionable insights before scaling-up. According to Bojan: “If you want to do something, do it as soon as possible”.

This is the end of the Waste Chronicles, but we will keep on writing blogs.
So, to be continued ;-)