The Waste Chronicles

Part 3 – We like it hardcore for community marketing

This time we have a pretty bold question for you: “Do you play it softcore or hardcore?” Or maybe you are a medium player. As far as we are concerned - we like to double-knock on the right door. So we prefer the hardcore way. Let’s get started…

Now you probably wonder which direction we want you to go in this 3rd Chronicle. Although music does play a role in the below subtitles we are by no means writing about music or any industry. We mean hardcore in the context of community marketing. Or more precisely – to select the right customer audience.

The connection with the song title in the video is evident. One could say that we have a ‘knock knock’ strategy in the way we target custom audiences and influencers - and have real impact, no waste.

Imagine #holiday or #chemistry
Imagine you are an airline business and want to boost Paris as #holiday destination. The softcore way of community marketing is to select an audience on for instance Facebook or Twitter with keywords such as France or Paris. But our way of double-knocking is that we combine interests-friends-business or follower & follow to-behavior. In our systems a hardcore fan follows at least 10 accounts in a specific topic or interest.

In this airline case we created 6 hashtag groups and tailored campaigns for in total 600,000 relevant Twitter accounts.
Such as,

  1. Foodies received the best restaurants in Paris,
  2. Shopaholics got their listing with best shopping areas and
  3.  To people who love to go out at night we presented the best clubs to go to.

The campaign was successful with a low cost per click. Which is remarkable in tourism, one of the most popular online industries known for its relatively high cpc.

Imagine you are a #chemistry company. And you have this startup challenge that you want to promote worldwide in order to get the smartest people with the most brilliant ideas to your event. Would you play this softcore or hardcore?

Make the world a better place

In the chemistry case we recognize a perfect storm of very specific parameters: a niche market, one venue, one date.

Akzo Nobel is a leading global paintings and coatings company in the Netherlands. They also produce specialty chemicals and have 45,000 employees in 80 countries. The company selected Mysocialdatabase for putting together twitter audiences for promoting their Startup Challenge in June.

We created a matrix of relevant groups and will address the tailored campaigns to #waterrecycling, #plasticwaste and many more hardcore ‘waste’ custom audiences. Which is kind of funny to tell in the Waste Chronicles.

It is not only the kind of campaign we are involved in. We also very much support the objective of Akzo Nobel to seek for sustainability during its Imagine Chemistry Challenge.

“Our world is made of chemicals, and we believe that chemistry is essential to making the world a better place. Imagine... with all of our knowledge of chemistry, we can work together to solve some of life’s biggest problems. We are looking for ways to create a more sustainable and liveable world through chemistry, and we invite you and the startups in your community to join us in this global challenge.

The tailored campaign on Twitter has just started and we hope to update you on the results in a couple of weeks.

Next week | Chronicle 4