The Waste Chronicles

Part 2 – Catch me if you can

In part 1 of the Waste Chronicles we tackled the waste issue in advertising and its metrics in general. Now we want to explore more on the metrics involved. But let’s not forget the key question: how do you reach your prospect? The consumer of today, who only needs to go one click further to find another supplier.

The customer journey has many entrances but also many exits. The complexity of all these roads together makes it hard to get through. Because which click or impression ratio does give you the solution towards an efficient marketing strategy. Without waste. And without ending up running after your tail. You don’t want to end empty-handed. Or in the case of the dog in this video – with empty legs.

Just imagine that the dog in the video running like a maniac represents a marketer in his rat race of trying to get control of all digital channels. With his ultimate goal: catch the customer.

Generation Ad Metrics
Obviously, we do understand that the above comparison is a simplification of the actual situation. But it is a fact that the professional of today has to master big data or at least have an understanding of how to use data. In marketing, but also in many other professions the way forward is based on these stats. For HRM consultants, technicians and many other result driven functions big data have become daily business. Just take a look at the ads of job vacancies – the majority will have a job requirement related to have knowledge of analysis and metrics tools. There you are. Which data are relevant and trustworthy? And more important – how do they take you to your target audience?

The recent cases of misreporting of ad metrics by Facebook and Twitter show the dual role of being both an ad platform and data reporter at the same time. Their tools combine keywords, interests and look-alikes for creating a customer audience. No doubt, you will retrieve a considerable number of B2B or B2C prospects to address yourself to. But this way also entails considerable waste. In addition, the auction model of these platforms does create an even more diffuse system. Based on their algorithms and engagement rates it is almost impossible to get the real picture.

Crossing lines
It seems as if social platforms perform according to one of the famous quotes of Johan Cruijff, the Dutch master of football who died in March 2016: “If I wanted you to understand it, I would have explained it better.”

That’s where Mysocialdatabase comes in. We have built our database like a ‘Sudoku’. We passed thousands of lines. First, we entered and combined endless numbers of relevant social platform data. And similar to the Sudoku game it was hard in the beginning to determine on and connect the right combinations. But eventually the combinations of data could be found with more ease. The result of all the efforts and after 4 years? An enriched database with all Twitter accounts in the world. If you want to connect to a niche market, to CEO’s, pediatricians, trauma nurses or any other listing of influencers we will find them for you.

Our stats come together in one simple formula: result = content x data. This combination put into hyper targeted campaigns will bring you to successful engagement rates – even twice as high than those you are used to. You want proof of concept? Just read on in our next chronicle.

According to Cruyff: “Playing football is very simple but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.”

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