Hi Tweeps: you are who you follow

Very recently we created our own guilty pleasure: we wanted to tease the Twitter team only. Or more specifically: we wanted to connect with Twitter team members and sales partners. Let’s take a look at how we succeeded in reaching out to them with the TweepQuiz.

And even more – how a campaign containing smart content is tempting to even the most critical target group. Many of them, working at Twitter, were tempted to click, like and retweet.


A hyper-poll to true Tweeps

How we did it? Our TweepQuiz consisted of five consecutive questions, which were nicely presented in the timelines of a premium audience of Twitter team members and sales partners. To really shine in a social network means that the content used is relevant too.  So, it’s about hyper-targeting and hyper-content at the same time. A strategy that guarantees impact.


How do you think we found you?

First we selected all people on Twitter who say they talked about working at Twitter in their bio. To find the rest of the teams we also downloaded  all accounts that Tweeps (are) follow(ing). Subsequently, we could mark  the most relevant accounts. By means of downloading all followers of the most relevant influencers  and adding criteria from our enriched database we found the hardcore target group of Tweeps.

By all means follow whomever you like to follow. It provides intriguing real-time data for our enriched database and thus a sparkling avenue to stay current with prospects and clients. Yes indeed, you are who you follow!