Ships for Sale but no Rhett Parks in the house

Imagine you have to sell 12 seagoing ships from a bankruptcy of a business. Vessels worth millions of dollars. You can’t just display them on your website or go to an auctioneer and tell him to sell these vessels for you. Unless, you are Rhett Parks and one of the best auctioneers of the world…

If Rhett would start ‘his rap’ about your ships for sale he would certainly deliver you a Youtube hit. But of course this is not what you are looking for. You need to reach the CEO’s, CFO’s and all other decision makers. For a niche product and a specific market.

Reach decision makers worldwide via Twitter?!

In this case study we like to demonstrate how you can reach the decision makers of a niche product through Twitter. Quick, easy and with result. Actually, we dare to say that Mysocialdatabase is the new Rhett Parks that you saw in the video. Not in speaking out loud on an auction but in spreading the word via online social media platforms. Based on a simple formula: Data x Content = Result.

First, Myscocialdatabase created an audience. With Twitter accounts related to shipping business. Subsequently, further investigation and combining data lead to 19,200 accounts of CEO’s and other decision makers in the target market. The third step was to send out a message to this audience through an advanced dashboard tool.

The result? Almost 1,000 clicks, 475 auction visitors and 75 retweets in the relevant audience. And last but not least – BVA received significant bids. So, you can certainly call this cost efficient marketing spend.

No message in a bottle

By means of creating a relevant audience from the enriched Twitter database you can target efficiently and reach all relevant decision makers and their businesses worldwide. Even if your market is very specific. Your Sales Manager will probably not get him right away on the phone - and yet, this CEO could be interested in your product and the initiator for an investment of millions. He is your potential ‘customer’.  And you can reach him via Twitter, that’s no message in a bottle.