Practise what you preach and reach!

Dear Schneider team, we would like to connect and tell you more about our product. Being a decision maker would you reply to this standard message? Probably not, as it is one of too many. However, this one-liner Tweet worked out for us very well. We scored the appointment with a business in a niche market we were eager to have.

During a coffee break in the morning we had this conversation about the quality of our expertise and how to convince the market to use enriched Twitter data. We discussed the usual clichés. “We can help you to find your clients” the sales representative of the ad agency preaches.

The key question should be: would you buy your own product? And what about ourselves - would we practise what we preach?!

The sales manager or Twitter timeline
So we challenged our team. Not by having our sales man to do the right job to find and call the right people. No, we started by sending an invitation in the Twitter timelines of a very small target group of Schneider Electric employees only.

The test - find us the decision makers in an international tech business. A BtB prospect we are anxious to work for but we don’t know anyone inside the organisation.

The solution is always based on data x content is result.

·       By selecting the core of the market of #oil #gas #datasolutions and finding out who is following whom on a worldwide scale, the MySD-team selected a premium audience for a tailored campaign.

·       A series of messages in the timelines of decision makers and employees inviting them to connect and to fill in a poll and a special landing page with a call to action.

·       The results – 700 people reached, 73 votes in the poll and 349 video views

We like to meet you

To conclude this story - we don’t have a salesman in the office. We build relationships on enriched data of 1+ billion social media users. But don’t get us wrong. Our approach is extremely personalized and on the spot.

The Schneider Electric team accepted our invitation to tell them more about making the next step in digital marketing. Will you?