Separate the great from the good for a better ROI

How do you find grip in today’s customer journey? Have you figured out which click or impression rate does give you the solution towards an efficient marketing strategy? It’s got a bit juicy for marketers because of the complexity of the customer journey and the metrics involved.

In a recent post on LinkedIn. Business, Jennifer Brett called them vanity metrics: “Simple and basic numbers that don’t tell us much about the true business impact and return on investment.” We couldn’t agree more.

In this blog you will learn more about genuine data leading to return on investment. It’s about how you separate the great from the good.

Uncompromising lines for your ROI
That’s where Mysocialdatabase comes in. We have built our enriched database like a ‘Sudoku’. We passed thousands of lines and combined endless numbers of relevant social platform data. Creating hardcore target groups and deep diving into data is practically our first nature. Running performance driven campaigns ranks on a similar level.

Let’s take a look along our highway of generating ROI.

1.     Quality - We know who follows whom on a global scale and have set up sophisticated tracking tools.

2.     UTM tagging – by measuring what happens after the click and thus providing insights on sources you will know when, where and what your target group is up to.

3.     Cross device tagging – measuring the multiple touchpoints will add to complete the crucial insights towards revenues.

4.     Post view conversions – analysing conversions will take us to the most successful target groups, the so-called ‘educated look-alikes’ and running next value driven campaigns.

Genuine ad metrics
The world of big data is crowded and it produces misleading insights from a variety in attribution models. Running a successful campaign means that you have to find the hardcore target group in a global market in which potential customers enjoy a journey with multiple touchpoints.

Our path is via quality over quantity. Although we also deliver the quantity metrics, such as impressions and click-through rates we want to outshine in quality. So, we run conversion driven campaigns and report on website visitors, time spent on the website, bounce rates and conversions - creating a true picture of impact leading to the desired outcome of value. That’s a nett promise.