What’s going on with insights?

Capturing data is one thing, making target groups is something but providing insights is one of the coolest things. We like to understand what is going on with a particular situation.

So, we analyse and analyse once more - who are the most important influencers in a branch? Whom do they follow? Which platforms do they follow? Which guys follow these platforms as well? What do they talk about? What do they look at, love and like…

Insights brings us to ranges of the most influential influencers and creating matrixes of whom we should address ourselves to as well. On determining in which part of the market is still something to be gained.

In between the lower and upper limits

Collecting insights of the top influencers takes us to the lower and upper limits.  In a recent business case for an international business of medical devices the following two questions had to be answered:

1.     Brandawareness - Whom do we still have to convince?

2.     Market & content insights – What do the prospective target groups talk about?


We found out who were the most important influencers in the field of radiology, cardiology and health. Then we pushed boundaries by finding out which influencers followed the account of the company and which other platforms they followed. And who followed these platforms as well.

To address those, we would need for a campaign we gathered more data, analysed them again and by gaining more refined insights we got to the lower and upper limits of the market.


Relevance matters
It’s not always about the usual suspects in data insights. The unusual suspects might count even more based on relevance. That’s what our insights will reveal to you.

The playing field of smart grid insights is valuable food for thought for driving your business successfully.

Therefore, the key questions you have to ask yourself to learn more about your market and its decision makers:

1)    Does the top 10 in the influencer ranking in my industry follow my business account?

2)    What and who else is related to the interests of these influencers?