Are you a spearfighter or a drone?

Digital influencer marketing is the buzzword of today’s marketeers. Bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers promise you brandactivation by their content creation. Influencer marketing agencies will ensure you that their tailor-made campaigns will result in many campaign impressions, influencer posts and engagements. Mysocialdatabase has a different approach, but before we elaborate on their vision, we have a question for marketeers: are you a spearfighter or a drone that crashes? Just take a look at this video.

The drone in the video symbolizes the marketeer trying to have a ‘helicopter view’ on a complicated market and distribution channels. But then the medieval re-enactor brings down this drone with a javelin. Amazing, don’t you think? And right there the comparison with the tactics of Mysocialdatabase starts. Because they will start with creating a relevant audience first. In doing so, they can pinpoint your message directly to your target group. Bullseye!

The challenge! Which listing of influencers do you want?

Mysocialdatabase has created a considerable number of influencer listings. And they add listings of branches, professions and industries almost every day.

In previous blogs on this website we presented a pallet of very different cases on these listing and the opportunities to have real impact with your campaign. We had blogs about Chefs, Golfers Pharmacy and recently about Wine Influencers. The overall clue of these stories is comprised in one formula: data x content = result. And - you will reach 10% of your target group with a Twitter campaign based on the enriched data of Mysocialdatabase. Their campaigns deliver in conversions and cost efficiency.

This is the challenge – maybe the influencers listing of your preference is not available yet. So which listing of influencers would you like to have?

Bullseye for free
Just fill in your request on the website of Mysocialdatabase. It will take a little time for their experts to produce your listing of 500 influencers. Worldwide. For free. That would be a nice present to start your marketing strategy for 2017 with. Enjoy!