How savvy digital marketers reach healthcare professionals

Would you consider Twitter or Facebook to invite oncologists or multiple sclerose professionals to your seminar? Probably not. Or what about a Twitter campaign to reach intensivists for you webinar? Maybe your event manager would suggest sending an email to attendants of previous webinars.  And he might ask the marketing department to make a PDF flyer…This is old school marketing. Try social media instead!

There is another solution to reach medical professionals. But most marketers forget this channel when specific target groups are involved. We have multiple case studies on successful healthcare campaigns via social media platforms. Each time we stepped in we noticed that digital marketers didn’t have social media on their shortlist for reaching a specific target group. Most of the time they argued that social media are meant for mass communication. But this is not true. On the contrary, if you want to reach a niche group, hyper-targeting stands for efficiency, short leadtimes and no spamming. 

Oncologists’ lunch fully booked via social media
Crown Bioscience was organising a lunch event for 75 oncologistis. They addressed to Premium Audiences we had selected in our enriched database. In a few days only this number of attendants was surpassed and the lunch fully booked. Some other examples: a webinar for medical professions received 150 subscriptions in a short period of time as well. And Roche France successfully used video messages to reach audiences of multiple sclerose specialists, such as neurologists, and radiologistis.

In a previous blog we explored the world of Gladskin products made by Micreos. These products for skin treatment were promoted via Twitter. We sent video messages and ads to hardcore communities of dermatologists, related tailormade audiences and influencers. The result? Orders went 5 times higher than usual and  Micreos had to scale op production levels.

You name it, we’ll find your medical pro
All the abovementioned examples show that you can have impact on social media by hyper-targeting highly relevant audiences. We select these Premium Audiences from an enriched database with 700 million social media users.

Savvy marketers know this. And these marketers also like that social advertising does not imply massive marketing spend. It may surprise you, but it will neither require thousands of euros nor a rescheduling of budgets. 

No, you can think in different numbers: a spend of € 250 up to € 500 and a video message can already result in thousands of impressions, high video rates and a cost per engagement of no more than € 0.10!