Hole-in-one or into-the-pocket

Golf is about statistics and rankings. About a hole-in-one, eager sportsmen, achievements and personal image.  Although these last two aspects can differ extremely. Because you can be the number 898 on the PGA World Ranking of November and on the other hand be number 1 in Twitter followers. But we will come back later on the ranking stuff. Golf is also about fans.  And who they admire and who they follow. Sometimes even literally. Watch this funny video about a tree, a lucky spectator and a ‘shot into the pocket’.

To move or not to move

The nice thing about this video is that golf player Rory McIlroy, an official and a spectator were involved in one spectacular shot. Three parties or three possible audiences. Fortunately, the spectator hadn’t moved and the official was relaxed about the situation. So Rory continued for trying to play a birdie. By the way, we like the terminology of golf with names, such as a Condor, Eagle and a Triple Bogey.

In this shot right into the pocket we recognize a comparison to our new feature on Mysocialdatabase.com. With this feature you can select Twitter audiences out of a great diversity in categories. Sports, but also many industries, professions and other segments. Just take a look and try to improve your ‘swing for a perfect putt’. It will help you in expanding your network and moving towards new markets.

The eye of (the) Tiger

Now we like to return to the ranking stuff mentioned in the first paragraph. We didn’t talk about Rory McIlroy, the current number 2 golf player in the world who has more than 3,000,000 followers on Twitter. So whom did we mean? It’s Tiger Woods. Although Tiger’s professional ranking as a golf player is 898 he is the number 1 by having more than 6 million followers on Twitter. His career and achievements are incredible, and so are the rumours about his private life and ambition to come back as a professional. He used to be the number one golf player for almost 700 weeks. Amazing! No wonder that he has long term admirers all over the world. Jason Day might be the number one golf player of today, he has only 416,757 followers. In the listing of Mysocialdatabase, which is based on number of followers and relevance you will find Day on position 36.