What you should know about reaching true Formula1 fans

The season opener is nearby. The great F1 show will start in Australia on 17 March. You probably don’t need us to tell you that there are about 26 million F1 fans on Twitter worldwide. But do you know how many hardcore fans can be targeted? We do.

What you should know - there are 6.5 million hardcore fans who follow more than
25 F1 influencers. In this big game, reaching true racing fans isn’t easy. Learn more on how to target ‘narrowly’ for brandactivation with impact.

The closest you can get to the F1 fan

The narrow audiences, or so-called hardcore target groups, are eager to know about the slightest changes and evolutions in engines and chassis. How do you engage with them? You won’t find them via standard targeting. This requires the next level of making the right connections between relevant data.

Our model is based on tagging – since 2012 - all relevant data of social media platforms. Depending on your marketing strategy we deliver narrow, balanced and broad audiences. The F1 community in stats:

                        |       Follows               Number of accounts followed

Broad             |           1 or more F1 influencers                              26 million

Balanced      |           >10                                                                 13 million

Narrow          |           >25                                                                  6.5 million

On top of the marketing battle
We can see the collective behaviour of F1 fans: we know who follows whom on a global scale. Our data experts use smart tracking tools which go beyond measuring impressions and completion rates:

1.     UTM tagging – by measuring what happens after the click you will know when, where and what your target group is up to.

2.     Cross device tagging – measuring the multiple touchpoints will add to complete the crucial insights towards revenues.

3.     Post view conversions – analyzing conversions will take you to the most successful target groups, the ‘educated look-alikes’ for next campaigns.

Our focus: creating the most powerful matrix of target groups and analyzing them one by one for more value. By means of advertising in the timelines of the fans in combination with your visuals, polls or special landing pages you will generate impact and insights for future campaigns.

For us it’s quality over quantity. Through conversion driven campaigns, an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting on website visitors, time spent on the website, bounce rates and conversions. Want to be on the grid from the off? Get your ‘race package’ right now!