The Live, Connect, Engage Wrap-up!

‘Let’s fuel the conversationwas the topic of the day and so I did at the BrandDeli Twitter Live, Connect, Engage event in Amsterdam on 7 December. I could show that a community of 18,000 accounts was connected with the attendees and guest speakers. And that Bram Koster of Marketingfacts was the most followed account.

And I reached further: guest speaker Thijs Jaski (ING) is a football fan and follows many advertising agencies. Rogier Scheinck (WeTransfer) appears to be a vegan from his profile account… Obviously, I did not want to become invasive at all, on the contrary I welcomed everyone to our spot-on playingfield of datamining.

MySocialDatabase (MySD) is an expert in finding core audiences and I felt privileged to tell our story.  Let’s start the wrap-up of this outstanding Twitter event by mentioning our host BrandDeli and its speakers: Marc Stockx of Twittter, John Maliepaard of BlueRobot, Clive Roach of Philips Lighting, Rogier Scheinck of WeTransfer and Thijs Jaski of ING.

 Seamlessly finding the real influencers

Five years ago, Twitter itself discovered our efforts to create an enriched database composed by connecting data of all Twitter accounts. “What are you Dutchies doing?”

We went to San Francisco to explain our ambtion to find all relevant connections around the globe. Our goal? To be able to target premium audiences and have real impact.

Myth versus reality

Our way of data driven marketing is not based on the myth of quantity. Yes, we do have the data of all 330 worldwide Twitter accounts. However, we strongly believe in quality of engagement. We, therefore, select premium audiences to be able to send personalised messages in the timelines of the target group.

Let’s take a look at the Philips Health case which MySD prepared for the BrandDeli event. In the following 10 steps all relevant cardiologists are found.

1.      We select all cardiologists and add interests/passions/beliefs

2.      Select statistically relevant accounts

3.      Rank the most important people

4.      Execute word analysis

5.      Download current following

6.      Define the relevancy algorithm

7.      Find the real influencers

8.      Download all followers

9.      Exclude all irrelevancies, and waste.

10.   Creation of the beating heart of the cardiologists community

An important conclusion out of this selection is that these experts especially follow accounts in the interest of their profession and favourite affinity. They are looking for news and latest updates – 70% of the accounts they follow is about health, 50% about cardiology.

We’ll make sure that we avoid the quantity trap, and base our advertising strategies on the real audience quality. Actionable insights are the output of this game of balancing and connecting.

Cases for inernational players such as Philips Health, Vauxhall Motors, Nutricia, HP, Virgin Media, KPMG and AkzoNobel Volvo Ocean Race demonstrate that maximum impact is possible and the way to success ratios. We’ll find you all relevant needles in the haystack.

Thank you all for #fuelling-the-conversation!