In 2017 we composed 8,568 qualified premium audiences
Getting your voice heard is difficult. Many wholesalers, industries and niche branches still exhibit at tradeshows for meeting up with sales leads and existing customers. Trade shows are far from easy and we think we can present you a more rewarding way of finding your core customer.

What if we deliver real interaction with potential customers for €2.000 only? Whereas each trade show might cost €300.000 resulting in 600 business cards which require follow-up by your sales team. This is not a story, these are the facts of one of our recent marketing cases. 

Skimming your phonebook

Being a digital transformation partner for businesses we made more than 8,500 premium audiences across all global markets in 2017. Based on these audiences we helped marketers in putting together an effective marketing strategy.

We don’t say that you should write off trade shows. And skimming your phonebook isn’t useless either. However, in our 24/7 digital tradeworld the key is to determine your core target group first.

In recent cases, renowned businesses such as Samsung, Philips, HP, Nutricia and ABN Amro used our audience first approach.  They have all been able to expand their markets at cost effective spend.

Digital Transformation Partner

One of the greatest advantages of having MySocialDatabase (MySD) look into your target groups first is getting spot-on connections. MySD has ranked practically all branches and professionals worldwide – relevancy of influencers is detected based on their content on social media. In this way, we know the entire market through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We make visible who follows who and who is followed by whom. Putting all these data and connections together results in a relevant audience for any business. A promotional message to the influencers in the designated branch pays off.

We like to support you in implementing our easy to use tools. Obviously, we love the hunt and deepdive into social data. No doubt that you will be digitally transformed in no time.

So if you think your business is one of too many, just challenge us to find your prospective buyers.