We can see the collective behaviour of coders

If you’re gonna make connections that are innovative… you have to not have the same bag of data as anyone else does. By adjusting the original quote of Steve Jobs a little bit, this motto now represents an innovative way of tailor-made hyper-targeting – our way.

You won’t find them easily via standard targeting. They don’t always mention their affinity or job title on Twitter and other social media platforms. But you need to find them because they have the same behaviour. They follow the same influencers in the market and many others are following them. They are your key for successful advertising, where content can be king if you have the right bag of data.


What happens when you request an audience

Let’s take a look at how we detect and combine the collective behaviour of the global coders’ community. It all starts with keywords, such as: coders, android developer, IOS Mobile App, apple developer, big data, +developer. Ending up with a deepdive into skills and jobs.

We have a special riddle for collective behaviour. In this particular case of finding real engagement within the community of coders the magic verse sounds like this:

who follows 5 or more software influencers,

10 or more developer news accounts,

and who follows and is followed by 5 or more developers!


Our data experts create tailor-made audiences by selecting target groups within an enriched database of 340+ million active Twitter accounts. This database has been built during 5 years and as such it is a unique standard providing a worldwide reach.

A premium audience is found by consecutive steps:

1.  Find the developers based on self-reported data (profile descriptions)

2.  Discover collective behaviour of the developers (based on followers/following/likes)

3.  The most influential developer accounts are now found

4.  Find anyone with a similar behaviour within the right location

5.  Finish the audience by eliminating anomalies 

6.  Upload the audience into the advertising account


Eureka! Now your are ready to advertise
Although you’ll get your selection in general within 5 working days, we stay away from standard targeting and tools. The distinguishing factor is that we build an algorithm for each campaign in order to find and connect all similar accounts of the hardcore target group. 

No chance of missing influencers. On the contrary, you’ll have the crucial connections.


Steve Jobs - If you’re gonna make connections that are innovative… you have to not have the same bag of experiences as anyone else does.