Oops… I dropped the lemon tart  

Foodies, cuisine stuff, tv shows with cooking battles and dining out are popular topics. And when asked, people al over the world will probably be able to give you the names of well known chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. But do you happen to know who is the number 1 chef of the world? Just take a little time to watch this video of a lemon tart that became a three star recipe.

Massimo who?

Did you enjoy the video and this funny story about a broken dessert? About this poor Japanese cook who dropped a lemon tart. In a star restaurant! Can you imagine how miserable he must have felt? But fortunately the chef Massimo Bottura looked at the broken dessert in a different way. It became his signature dish. And there the success story began.

Did you ever hear about Bottura before? If you are a fanatic foodie or a visitor of star restaurants you will probably know he is the best chef of the world. But most of us won’t. Why? We all know Jamie and Gordon because they both have huge pr, tv and social media audiences, Massimo Bottura hasn’t. In fact the number of his Twitter followers is only 1 % of the almost 6,000,000 followers of Jamie Oliver. Gordon Ramsey has 3.4 million followers. And yet, Massimo Bottura is ranked in the top 20 of chefs who have the most influence on online audiences. Based on data of MySocialDatabase.

Ranking the stars

Obviously, it’s not only the numbers of Twitter followers that count in becoming a so-called influencer according to MySocialdatabase. Ranking these chefs is also about relevance. About who is being followed most by other chefs. Although chef Bottura has only 74,728 followers he is ranked in 12th position. Because it appears from the worldwide Twitter data that he is frequently followed by other chefs. This is interesting for marketeers looking for cost efficient targeting. As this way of combining data with content to get the best selection applies to every branch, position or any other selection.

As chef Bottura showed in his video: just dare to think the other way around. It might become your ‘signature dish’. Or in his words: “Make visible the invisible”.