If you don’t adapt to social media advertising, you’ll vanish

San Francisco reinvented itself from a mecca for gold miners in the 19th century to the strong start-up eco system we admire today. The City by the Bay is the world number 1 for disruptive innovation with an emphasis on technology and fueling the global online community.

Think Google, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla Motors and many others who dare to reinvent themselves all the time. They anticipate trends, embrace innovation and stay relevant.

Now think your business: how do you stay at the front of the pack? Are you digitizing your marketing and brand? Then you might ask yourself: would I consider campaigns on Twitter or Facebook to invite BDM’s or investors to join my project?


Build a brand by content

In an overcrowded market it isn’t easy to get your voice heard. Consumer tastes turn on a dime. In both the BtC and BtB market you will have to evolve your communication lines to stay tuned and heard. If you don’t adjust to that and are finished with changing, you might be finished.

Yes, indeed it has never been so easy to reach an audience, but it has also never been so difficult to get attention. You cannot just copy your TV commercial and use it for your online activities. It’s about relevancy in social content: online storytelling and asking the customer what he really wants are the drivers for engagement with true fans.

So, true engagement is what we need. And yet… Too often we join a marketing strategy meeting where marketing directors and digital marketers don’t have social media and relevant content on their shortlist for reaching specific target groups.

Adapt or vanish?

Standard targeting will not help you in becoming successful in social advertising. Although, the current low click rates might be tempting for addressing yourself to a broad audience, it is not the solution.  

Let’s take another look at the reinventing game we’re all-in: when social advertising gets more popular and budgets increase, the cost per click will get higher. Waste will become an issue. This requires adaptation to an advanced level of targeting where quality goes over quantity.

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