About Mysocialdatabase

Mysocialdatabase is a quality data provider which has a premium and frequently updated database of publicly available Social Media Data. We offer tailor-made target groups for advertisers all over the world. This targeting goes beyond native targeting due to an unlimited set of data variables. This is done via the extraction and analysis of data found in an individual’s personal bio, likes, followers, following, conversations and more. We aim to help advertisers with smarter insights and help advertisers to improve the quality of their campaign.


The solution - get access to global markets

Being an audience partner we made more than thousands of premium audiences across all global markets in 2018. We have been supporting agencies and marketers in providing effective target audiences since 2013.

The goal of MySociaDatabase (MySD), through its enriched database containing 1+ billion accounts, is to provide agencies with more qualitative audiences for their clients.


This means quality at scale:

·      More time spent on website

·      Higher completed video rate

·      Lower bounce rates

·      Higher conversion rates


The opportunity- White label for premium audiences

New service! We can now provide you, as an agency, with a white label model for the right premium audiences for social media. This will enable you to always deliver up-to-date data for hyper-targeting campaigns.

For a spend of $ 1,000 per month only you will already have 5 premium audiences available for all your clients. You want more? Just take a look at the below mentioned and pricing table. Included as well: updates, customizations, support and troubleshooting.

This new white label model of My Social Database will take your agency’s services to the next level and improve results and impact ratios of your clients.

The partnership subscription

The pricing and service model represents our philosophy on a beneficial partnership: transparency, service and hands-on support.  Our database and algorithms run like clockwork. So, start uncovering our new service right now!

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