Do not be fooled by campaign stats

So you think you know your metrics? Actually, you might not. There is a big challenge when seeking for the truth in metrics in social advertising. The huge volumes, reach and engagement rates do not guarantee campaign success. The metrics to measure real impact lack transparency and therefore, marketers optimize campaigns based on quantitative data without looking at the quality of engagements.

Question your assumptions

The good thing about comments, retweets, shares and likes is that you know who these people are. They are supposed to be warm leads as they showed interest in your ad, right? But what does this click actually mean? What is the quality of the person who clicked? For instance: it is a fact that youngsters like and share easily, whereas professionals hardly click on ads. These likes from a young target group will probably not convert into sales in a B2B campaign. They might not be engaged with your content at all. So what key metric should you optimize for?

We dare to say that standard targeting will not get you the target group you are looking for. In addition, the key for success is making data-driven decisions based on quality.

The Audience Quality Rate (AQ-rate)

Let’s introduce the AQ-rate to prevent that you keep on running in circles. Size isn’t everything in social media marketing. All you need is true value in engagements with your target group.

Premium audiences are a smart solution. These audiences of MySocialDatabase consist of data enriched by looking at the online behaviour of Social Media users. In fact, we offer you a longtail selection which will ensure that you reach your desired customers. In other words – every impression or engagement is a true warm lead.

Recently, a test case in social media advertising showed approximately the same results in numbers of volume between a broad community selection and a premium audience. A deepdive into the figures provided our client with the crucial distinction: whereas all kinds of people popped up in the broad selection, each and every like of the premium audience was spot on. Bullseye right in the middle of the desired target group.