About BITS and conversion tracking in social advertising

Social advertising on Twitter and Facebook can literally bring the world to you for brandactivation. But it takes time. Statistics show that people need to see 15 times your brand and product message before they get to trust you. So, why do most advertisers still have idealistic expectations about immediate orders?

Let’s take a look at the BITS model – Branding, Image, Traffic, Sales – a smart path towards success rates. If you triple jump straightforward to the Traffic and Sales part and forget about Branding and Image it will probably become a dead end.

CEO’s and CFO’s require ROI’s driven campaigns, so we like to tell you more about some simple and effective retargeting tactics for better conversion rates.

Pixel tracking and tactics
Before we get to the retargeting tools, let’s find out more about tracking pixels and why they are so important. A tracking pixel is a code provided by Facebook or Twitter that you place in the template of your website. This code allows these social media platforms to interact with your website and it will give feedback on the actions of a website visitor.

With this information you can now run new sets of advertising promoting your product. You can also create retargeting campaigns for people who have visited specific pages on your website. For instance: you retarget people who visited your website but didn’t purchase or you can choose to retarget customers after they received your order confirmation.

The best part of it– in this way we can compose Premium Audiences for you. This will ensure hardcore selections instead of a broad audience and prevent waste in advertising.

Video views retargeting
Kärcher, an international business for home cleaning devices and supplies, uses retargeting very effectively. They run video campaigns on Twitter, both in B2B and B2C custom markets. As soon as someone watches the video message, a retargeting cross devices campaign – both via Twitter and Facebook - will be shown to him. This will provide the viewer with more business and product info. In this way potential customers will be confronted with a series of visuals and ads. There is the BITS way - trust is growing, a conversion nearby.