The one-minute campaign manager

The menu for today? We recommend 3 tailored courses. The starter will be fresh and nourishing. The main course will heat you up and your dessert might taste a little bit sharp in the beginning but it will be the perfect closure. No, we’re not talking about your next dinner date.

This 3 steps menu will enable you to manage your tailored campaigns on Twitter.  The menu is displayed in an easy to use dashboard.

Please, may we invite you to our cuisine. We will learn you how to create effective campaigns with custom audiences.

1. The starter – compose your tweet

In the dashboard of MySocialDatabase, you create your tweet in a few steps only. Name your campaign, add a visual, enter your text and there you go.


2. The Main course – choose your audience

Because we did the preparations in our enriched database of more than 320 million folks, choosing your audience is a piece of cake. Just select the groups you want to address to for your Twitter ads. You can expend your reach by adding more groups.

Choosing might also mean that you want to exclude some groups. Especially when you’re running a lead generation campaign. As you probably don’t want to serve waste impressions on leads that already exist in your database.


3. Dessert – Set your budget

The third step means you’re almost ready. You can enter your campaign period, your total budget and daily budget if you like. In your dashboard the results will be displayed in an overview that enables you to take decisions on next campaigns.

1 minute campaign manager 3.png

Screw it, just do it

We have one final amuse in this special dinner course. It’s called: screw it, just do it. A nice composition of words - with a little bit of help of Richard Branson and Nike. Our advertising model is simple and effective. So, try us. Or even better – challenge us. Tell us which influencers you want to reach.